Trapeze Artist Book Signing

I am honored to consider Bunny as one of my best friends.

She is a real inspiration; I am taking the liberty of mentioning her age because it makes her that more fabulous! Bunny is in her 80’s and still performing as a Trapeze Artist, she is beautiful, active and a lot of fun. We are celebrating Bunny’s Autobiography at this Rue Lafayette-style-party with jugglers, acrobats and the 1920’s Jazz sounds of Wack-A-Doo!

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Bunny, chat with her and enjoy the entertainment.

*Ask Bunny about all of the truble the two of us have gotten into!


Elizabeth “Bunny” Herring was born in St. Louis to a socially prominent family whose ancestry reaches back to the Chouteaus who helped found St. Louis.  She was educated in a private girl’s school and an Eastern boarding school.

A beautiful young woman with a hunger for immersing herself in experiencing life, she studied ballet in New York City; then ran off to join the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circu as a dancer, elephant and hose rider; left the circus to marry a cowboy; became a nurse, and experienced a like of challenges, sorrows, and wonder.

In this account of breaking personal boundaries to savor unfamiliar worlds, Elizabeth offers and example of the joys and costs of seeking to live a life, as tattooed around her ankle —-Esse Quam Vldere—To be rather than to seem.

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