Guest Book

At Rue Lafayette, we have a guest book. Our customers write wonderful thoughts, stories and they share their experiences at Rue Lafayette. If you didn’t get a chance to sign in person, please write about your experience! Tell us about the food, our service, the neighborhood, people you met or anything else you’d like to share.

We have started the project of transfering all of  the comments that are hand-written at the Cafe’s guest book to this site to share with everyone. It is always a pleasure to read them.

Thank you, we love hearing from you!


76 Responses to Guest Book

  1. Denis says:

    Recently, I scoured the internet to find a place in STL that had great quiche. I was hosting a breakfast brunch and was looking for something special. Luckily, I stumbled upon Rue Lafayette. And, boy were the quiche fantastic. Everyone raved and ate, I was thankful the food was spectacular. No small feat when you are ordering sight and taste unseen! Can’t wait to return. Thank you RL!

  2. Yosef says:

    We come from the CWE every weekend. There are no other Cafes like this in St. Louis. The best food and atmosphere. We travel quite a bit to Europe and you are still the best!
    Great work guys.

  3. Stella and Jonathan says:

    We came from Ohio because we saw our show on HGTV. What a wonderful Cafe. Congratualtions. Pure joy, the food, staff and little Bella. Thank you for being so special.

  4. Stan says:

    I’m not going to lie, the coffee is the best in St. Louis, the food is delicious but I continue to go because I am in love with the owner!

  5. Stephan says:

    I live in San Diego, was in Saint Louis for a photoshoot. I heard from several people to go to Rue Lafayette. Not only was it delicious, but it is gorgeous, as a photographer I was delighted. The staff is incredible, the owner beautiful and fascinating. Her puppy is a real character! I wish I could stay just because of them. There is nothing like this in San Diego, I will try to come back to Saint Louis just to go to Rue Lafayette. This needs to be an official attraction. I’ll miss you guys.

  6. Jeri Glover says:

    We LOVE Rue Lafayette. In a former life I lived in Lafayette Square; now I am 100 mi away. When my husband and I go to St.Louis for my “city fix” time we always go to Rue Lafayette. I have taken friends from other cites there – Ara, you, Bella Rue, and Rue Lafayette are the BEST!!!
    Thank you for being there to look forward to!
    Jeri Glover

  7. NM says:

    I had my heart set on a chocolate croissant but they were not due to be out of the oven for 18 minutes so i waited and happily ate my goat cheese and mushroom quiche while waiting. As an apology the chef herself came out with my chocolate croissant when it was ready and chatted with us for a moment. She brought me two croissants to sweeten the experience, a much appreciated gesture. I will be back

  8. TH says:

    Outstanding in every respect – my favorite place for food, coffe, socializing and just hanging out. Like a “Cheers” with local and out of town/country visitors easy to meet. Unique in every way!

  9. Joe Mancuso says:

    I brought my family down to Rue Lafayette for brunch this past Sunday. The food was excellent, the live jazz of the Jeff Riley Trio was wonderful – AND I have never had a better croissant in my entire life! Thanks Araceli!

  10. Jill says:

    Just enjoyed a delicious experience for brunch. Very relaxing live Jazz on outdoor patio.Will be sure to come back.

  11. Isabelle says:

    I have heard about Rue Lafayette from SO MANY PEOPLE (who’s taste I trust). Do to my busy schedule and travels I made it in today for the first time. WOW, what an experience. It was like traveling to Paris. There is nothing like it in St. Louis or anywhere I’ve been in the US for that matter. I have searched high and low for great coffee and croissants, and there are a few kitchee places that are advertised everywhere but they are tacky and not good. At Rue not only was the coffee perfect, the croissants something that can not be explained but it is not “staged”. It is real, authentic and I could tell the owners/creators have lived the experience not just designed it. A favorite no doubt! I can’t wait until next weekend to return. Lovely staff! Again, can not be compared.

  12. Terry Lynford says:

    Love the ambiance…especially Ms Bella…Princess of Rue Lafayette! We want to see more, more, more of her! More pearls, more diamonds and especially more feathers.
    Your admirer,
    Terry (West County)

  13. Ted says:

    The most unique, delightful, delicious place I’ve been to in St. Louis. What I love about it, well there is so much, but the fact that at a restaurant you only sit with the people of your own party, at Rue Lafayette people socialize, mix, chat. There is an amazing vibe. It;s a community, not just a Cafe. It is very special, I have made new friends there and always look forward to the food and the experience. I laughed when I read on Yelp someone mention that it was small or cramped, NOT a place for an anti-social. Someone looking for a buffet would not like it but anyone who has traveled or desires to travel, appreciates art, beauty and people will LOVE it, they will be in Heaven! MY FAVORITE!!!!

  14. Andrew says:

    I live in the CWE and come to Rue as often as I can. The food is delicious, the place is gorgeous and the entire staff & owner amazing, beautiful people. Never a bad attitude!
    This is the place I bring out of town friends to impress them!!!

  15. Scott Cooper/Wlater Knoll Florist says:

    Magnifique! A sensory overload and a sheer delight. Thanks to the lovely staff and chef for a delightful lunch……leave your stress at the door!!!!And be sure to give Bella a pat!

  16. Mindy & family says:

    My husband, daughter in law, baby grandson and I visited Rue Lafayette for the first time on Tuesday, July 5th. I will admit, our Groupon took us there… and I’m SO glad it did!! I have nothing negative to say, only positives. We ordered several menu items and shared them between us, including the Caprese sandwich & potato salad (loved the dill seasoning!), several slices of the scrumptious/melt-in-your-mouth lemon cake and coffee. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience! Loved the atmosphere and all the cool goodies for sale (food and otherwise!); everyone was super friendly and attentive. Thank you for the lovely time…. we’ll be back!!!!!!

  17. Christina Brown says:

    We enjoyed your food, patio and hospitality! I live in West County but if I go more than one week without a visit to Rue Lafayette I start to miss it too much! You guys are fantastic 🙂

  18. Alexander says:

    Attended your May 26th Party, amazing, fun, thanks for bringing so much style, class and fun to little ‘ol St. Louis. My friends and I felt like we were out in NY or a night in LA! Having lived in large cities, I can tell you that you guys are right up there with the best! Merci

  19. Anna says:

    Always great music, exquisite taste in EVERYTHING, food, coffee, music, decor. Perfection. Never a bad experience.

  20. Gunther says:

    Well I’m baaaack! One of the reasons I am movint to St. Louis so you can’t ever go away!!!

  21. Audrey says:

    DELICIOUS! So fun, I made 4 new friends, we went to the Botanical Gardens after I left Rue. Was NOT expecting that but then again, Rue is THE most social Cafe in town.

  22. Daryn says:

    I love your place, the food, the shop and the beautiful owner. So sweet and hilarious, you need your own show but you are MORE than reality so it couldn’t be a “reality show”. You guys do a great job. Thank you!

  23. Pam says:

    I HEART this place, absolutely charming and relaxing. Gorgeous, Ara, thanks for being so amazing, you are one of a kind!

  24. Shirley says:

    Today was the first time visiting, celebraing my Bday. LOVED IT! Shopped a lot. What excellent food! The staff is perfection, the owner so fun. Will come often!

  25. Jean and John says:

    YUMMMM! The best croissants in town! The breakfast was orgasmic!!!!!!!!

  26. Molly says:

    PURE BLISS! The food was amazing, richest coffee in town and I’ve tried it all! You guys ROCK!

  27. Justin says:

    Araceli, you will always be in my heart, even though I know you can’t go out with me.
    I’ll have to comfort myself with chocolate and coffee. I’ll sit at Rue and suffer (not really suffer, since everything is so good LOL). Love you guys!

  28. Jenn says:

    I miss Frankie so much! What a cool place with a cool dog! The best patio in town, what a view. Everyone there is wonderful. Had no idea I’d get to come and meet you in person after finding out about you on HGTV!

  29. Kim, Australia says:

    I love it here! I love it here! Quiche, coffee, everything! You make St. Louis cool!

  30. Barb, Dolores and Mary says:

    First time here, had the best food and best time EVER!!!

  31. Jeremy says:

    The food was amazing, wonderful view. I have a huge crush on Araceli, yes, I know, she’s married….

  32. Kim says:

    My daughter told me that this was her favorite place and bought me a gift certificate and what a surprise! WOW-WOW-WOW! Thank you for all you do. Back soon!

  33. Angela says:

    Absolutely amazing place!!! I stepped in and immediately thought I was in Paris. Exquisite food and unique setting. There is no place like this in the city (or state, or country!)

  34. Jessica Fichot and Band says:

    Love the place, food and people. I loved seeing Araceli, my co-star. Very perfect!

  35. Roy says:

    What an experience! A story and background for every item. I shall come back often. A St. Louis original!

  36. George and Linda, OK says:

    Wonderful place. The best Cafe in St. Louis! Can you open one in Oklahoma?

  37. Paulette K says:

    Peaceful, relaxing, stimulating. PERFECT! The surrounding is great, Thank you!

  38. The Nelsons from Seattle, WA says:

    VERY GOOD!!! I will have to tell my sister who is near by. I am so happy that I found this before her and I’m from out of town! haha!
    The best treat in St. Louis. Went to other Cafes and it’s always the same old thing, people on their laptops, not talking. Rue Lafayette is like a CLUB in comparison, I met so many people here!

  39. Bev- South Carolina says:

    This is REALLY cool. Nothing like it anywhere! Delicious, I’ll be back!

  40. Andrea says:

    This Cafe is amazing! I love it. It has come a long way from what it was. Love watching your show on HGTV, it’s beautiful. The atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly and the shop is fantastic. So glad I finally go to come! Love you!

  41. Patricia (Japan) says:

    Best quiche and salad that I have had. Awesome service, warm staff and atmosphere.

  42. Theresa from Germany says:

    J’Adore cette cafe! Merci beaucuo pour la formidable quiche! Ich mas dieses cafe! Vieler dank fur die wunderbare quiche!

  43. Cameron says:

    Left you a STELLAR review on Yelp too. You guys are PERFECT!

  44. Bruce B says:

    Second visit, came from NY and straight to you guys! I had a business trip and the only thing I was looking forward to was going to Rue Lafayette.

  45. Rachel and Pam says:

    We LOVE Rue Lafayette and the entire staff! Best quiche in St. Louis, friendliest and prettiest staff in town! (handsome Pablo too)!
    Love you guys.

  46. Mark B says:

    Positively CHARMING, really unique, one of a kind. EVERYONE should know about it.

  47. Elise LaBarge says:

    The “IS” the Europe of St. Louis! Don’t miss it.

  48. David Robinson, Dallas TX says:

    Having been to France, I am very impressed with your cafe. The quaint adorable ambiance with the exceptionally delicious food to create a superior and relaxing experienc. Well done! Congratulations

  49. Sarah, NY says:

    Should be called “House of Fabulous” everything was tres magnifique!

  50. Rosemary says:

    Awesome! Who would have thought I would meet the May Co designer when I sat down w a glass of iced tea! Lucky Me!

  51. Lelie says:

    Hadn’t been back in the square for 20 years. What a surprise!!!! AMAZING!

  52. Cliff from Catalina Island, CA says:

    FANTASTIC! WONDERFUL! 5 stars! I did all I could to NOT lick the plate!

  53. Shelby from CA says:

    I merely drove by and saw the “Open” sign and turned around. WOW, between the quiche, chocolate, croissants and hostess I think it was destiny that made me see that Open sign! One problem: you are too MAGNIFIQUE! What will I do being so far away? 😦

  54. Doug says:

    Thank you for hosing my trunk show and for your help and gracios hospitality! I LOVE your concept and story and will treasure coming here often. You are a special spirit. Thank you!

  55. Steve B says:

    We celebrated our 39th Anniversary with our friends this morning. We feel blessed when we came in, the attention/service was wonderful, the food, amazing! We feel even more blessed of going into our 40th year!

  56. Chester says:

    While visiting from Connecticut a friend commented about your shop. Everything was wonderful! The chocolate, sinful! Your store is great too. Thank you!

  57. Ashley says:

    Your shop is lovely! We’ve visiting from Kansas and I wish we had a place like with HALF the atmosphere and quaility! Thanks so much for the fantastic stay!

  58. Sandy and Joe says:

    We love this place and you are so welcoming. The food and ambiance are wonderful! Rue Lafayette is just right for the neighborhood. We watched and waited for months and it was worth it! Bes of luck!

  59. Danny & Liza says:

    So glad to see you are doing so well here. Everyone does a great job of making you feel welcomed and right at home. Thanks for everything!

  60. Val S. says:

    This place is amazing!! You feel like home and you feel like you are far away on vacation all at the same time, how unique! Fantastic food, view, service and shopping. I love spending time here, it’s a true get-away.

  61. Elsie says:

    Love this place, we live nearby and come a lot, you guys are always outstanding and the best service in town.

  62. Ted says:

    I was raised in this neighborhood and still live close bu. We come to the part a lot. Love what you’ve done to the building. Good luck!

  63. Joy from Napa Valley says:

    Fabulous croissants, nothing like them anywhere, not even California!

  64. Penny says:

    I love it! You guys are great neighbors, welcome to the neighborhood and best luck we hope you are here forever!!!!

  65. Anne and Monica says:

    What a beautiful coffee shop and view of the park, we’ll be back again and again. Our favorite place in St. Louis!

  66. Betty and Jack says:

    We love your place, the best in St. Louis! Locals, we are very lucky to have them, if you haven’t been do yourself a favor and don’t miss it!!!

  67. Marjorie and Todd says:

    What a fantastic addition the the neighborhood!

  68. Matt and Hanah says:

    This place reminds us of our Honeymoon in Italy! Amazing!

  69. Yukkiko says:

    Finally, Parisian Croissants in the US and great shop.

  70. Sandra says:

    I’m visiting from NY staying downtown. I heard about Rue Lafayette from several people. THE best cafe! There is nothing like it even in Manhattan. Can you start one there please? Can’t wait to come back, the best croissants I’ve ever had and everything else was wonderful. To the owner, start your own show, you are so great!
    Thanks for the experience.

  71. Stephen says:

    I live in the neighborhood and you are my reason to live. No preassure… LOL. Love you guys

  72. Sophie says:

    Since living in the US I have missed Paris (my home) very much. Your Cafe is warm and inviting, it is a place that has brought back comfort and happiness to a new resident. I love to eat there, your coffee is the best and the croissants just like home! I have made many friends at this Cafe, something that is not common at other such establishments. Your customers are wonderful and so are all of you. Merci

  73. A regular! says:

    Thank you for a perfectly lovely time. We were surrounded by the best people, fed divine food, drank intoxicatingly delicious wine and listened to sweet music. You are the Queen of Play. You lead the rest of us into a good time frame of mind and we leave our troubles behind.

    We will sleep better for the time spent in your company. Thank you again.

  74. Sandra Carmondy says:

    The best cafe I’ve ever been too. I went with a group of girlfriends from West County. We loved being able to go to the Park, take pictures then enjoy an delicious Brunch at Rue Lafayette. Really, there is nothing like it. Thanks for the dessert special and the Gem for my Bday, you guys are outstanding.

  75. Sean White says:

    What a treat for St. Louis! I am an Architect and love everything about Rue Lafayette from the renovation to the food, to the service to the customers. We met lots of new folks on Saturday, was not expecting that, what a great surprise and gem.
    A new hang out for certain.
    See you soon –

  76. Thane Samuel says:

    Our experience at Rue Lafayette was like no other. We are from LA and there is nothing like it in So. Cal. The food, service and ambiance was like nothing we experienced in St. Louis or LA! Amazing place, thank you for everything.
    Will visist again when we come back to St. Louis.

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