Bella Rue

Welcome to Bella’s World


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Bella went to Paris for research on her book.

Stay tuned for her Book Release:

“Living Life Unleashed”

I love going to work, sometimes I drive!

My morning starts with a dry cappuccino & a croissant!

I love eating out. It’s easier for me to get into restaurants when I am in Paris

but when I am in the USA I still manage to get in…….


I also love my wine!!!


It’s not all fun and games, I have to shop in bulk for the Cafe!

I attend Staff Meetings (in my uniform)

I’m also a sales girl…geeeeez….!

I make television and media appearances.

Click on photo to watch video

Click on Photo below for final article

I’m pretty so I  do some modeling.

Click on picture to see full photo shoot

I get vacations, I go on airplanes and get to see the ocean! I deserve it!!

On weekends I sing with the band! 

Click on the picture to see and hear me sing!

My talents are recognized, I get asked to Red Carpet Events!

A couture outfit to meet the Mayor of St. Louis!


 It is all very exhausting!

But the best part is that I get great food and lots of love!


Click her to see the adventures of:


Watch me in action, I LOVE to talk!

Click to watch me be cranky!

 Watch me want some fun! 

I didn’t STEAL!!!

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Learn more about Bella’s Special Private Reserve exclusive wine.

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10 Responses to Bella Rue

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  2. What perfect place♥ Wonderful!!!!
    Identical to the scene of a French film

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  4. Bella . . I can’t wait to meet you at the book signing. My mom goes on and on about you and your mommy and how stylish you are. I’m sure you can give me some fashion tips.

    Your new friend,


  5. As a Boston lover, I enjoyed the photos of Bella so much! Hope to be in St. Louis in the very near future. Will definitely come by for macaroons and a peek at Bella Rue!
    Jeanne Keeton, Classic Legacy Custom Gifts, including Paris-themed gifts
    Memphis, TN

  6. Isabelle says:

    I met Bella today. What a treat. A beauty, smart, funny, a perfect touch, I thought I was in Paris.
    Nice to meet you Bella, thank you for sitting with me.

  7. Ted says:

    Bella is the coolest dog in St. Louis! So sweet and smart, also stylish. Nice to meet you Bella!

  8. Anthony says:

    Just when I thought that RUE couldn’t get any better, I came in for my third visit and met Bella for the first time! WOW, if got better! Love that cute little girl. You guys are amazing, this IS PARIS!

  9. Scott Cooper says:

    Happy Birthday Bella! You are a sheer delight to behold…such fashion sense!! Canine Magnifique!

  10. Lisa Berry says:

    Hi Bella I am sending you a get well I hope you feel better soon.I love your pics.The purses and shoes are absolutley charming!!!!

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