Lost Dog for the Holidays


In the area of shenanigans, I am never at a loss.

My dear friend Cheryl and her husband went to Africa for 3 weeks. Two days into their departure their dog escaped the house!!! My son and a few other friends were in charge of the dogs, two Great Danes and two smaller ones. One of the dogs escaped! We all went into panic mode. Someone had the bright idea to call them in Africa and let them know the dog was missing so they are freaking out, trying to get back to the US!

Being the 30th of December and a Sunday vets and the SPCA were closed. It started to snow. I went to help in the search. Keep in mind it is Sunday, the busiest day at Rue Lafayette so I would briefly stop my search to do my work!

I assembled a team of neighborhood kids. I might have gotten carried away and told them I was a government agent and the dog had a special microchip so they could not steal it or hold it for ransom. The kids were on foot but piled in my car for brief searches as the car was warm.

We looked all day. At one point as I was searching alleys by myself when I saw a dog that fit the description. A medium sized grey dog. I had only seen the actual dog once, a grey schnauzer so I didn’t remember exactly what he or she looked like (I forgot to ask the gender, or if it was wearing a collar, things happened too quickly). I chased this grey dog into someone’s back yard. I opened a gate and carried m out in my arms. As I was putting it in my car a neighbor yelled “stop, you are stealing that dog!” I said “NO it’s mine!” The lost dog’s name is “Little Dog” so I said: “it’s Little Dog, he belongs to my friends”.  As I’m shoving the dog in the car I notice his tag says “Jack” and has a different address! So I had to explain the situation. Meanwhile the kids see me and tell the neighbor that I am a government agent, not to worry. I left as fast as I could….

Happy ending: this morning my son went out at 5am and using his Army skills he looked for tracks in the snow. He followed some fresh tracks and found Little Dog curled up in a nook. Little Dog tried to run but he threw his entires body over him, well, it turned out it was a SHE. Little Dog is home as for New Year’s.


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