Accidental Kidnapping


~ One of my dear customers gifted us a Suite at the Lumiere Hotel. I decided to have a girl’s night out with Chef Perry, Nicole and Katie. The plan was to meet at lobby of Hotel Lumiere. Chef Perry called me and told me that she had arrived but as it turns out she had gone to the wrong Hotel.  She was at the lobby of the Four Seasons instead of the Lumiere a misunderstanding because that is where we had gone last time. Typically she wears VERY high heels so I told her to stay there and I’d send a car for her.  I walked outside where the Hotel Bellhops stand and asked a woman if she could send a car or shuttle to pick up my friend, I explained the misunderstanding. I told her that is was cold and dark and I didn’t want her walking.

She hesitated, then she said:  “I guess I can take you” and I said: “Well lets go honey”. As we drove off, I noticed that she was looking at me out of the corner of her eye, very uncomfortably and serious. She starts going in the wrong direction, so I corrected her and was wondering why a Bellboy wouldn’t know how to get to the Four Seasons, which is about 4 blocks away! While gripping the steering wheel and looking at me from the corner of her eye (I call that look “Bunny-Eye”)  she quietly says: “I don’t work for the Hotel, I’m just a guest….”  I think she thought she was getting car-jacked, I mean, she WAS in St. Louis and all…………

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