007 – K9 Activity

After closing the Cafe on Sunday, Rick and I were debating what to do for dinner. We decided to grill at home so one of us had to go to Culinaria (a local supermarket), we could not go together because we had Ms. Bella. Rick attempted to take her home but she refused to go with Rick by straightening her legs and putting on the locks like a petrified taxidermied animal. He couldn’t deal with her stubbornness so, yes, she won, as usual and came to the store with me!  I had a baby sling  in my car that was a gift for Bella from a STL City Police Officer. So I put on the sling, put Bella in it and proceeded to enter the supermarket and shop with the stowaway. All went well, she knows the word “hide” so she tucked her head in and not a peep, not even by the butcher. We paid, and just as I was almost free from my K9 criminal act, the Manager yells from behind her counter: “Let me see your baby” as she heads over towards me! My eyes instantly went into “I love Lucy mode”. I said: “Ah, she’s sleeping” and she continued to head over reaching as if to open the sling. So I took a step back and panicked, when I panic I tend to go into crazy-talk so I said: “No, don’t look at her, she’s ugly! She looks like Tori Spelling” and this woman gave me the “you-are-the-worse-mother-in-the-world look”! She said “WHAT?! That can’t be” so having gone too far I let her peak and Bella’s little flat snout peaked out like a baby seal and she started laughing hysterically.

Another close call………………….

Another 007 disguise:

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